About us

Introducing Zawia3: Investigative Journalism for a Deeper Understanding

On the anniversary of Egypt’s January revolution, we launch Zawia3 (Third Angle), a pioneering initiative dedicated to investigative journalism and in-depth analysis. Our mission is to empower citizens through storytelling and transparency, promoting accountability in Egypt and the Arab world.

Shining a Light on Egypt, with a Plan for Expansion

We are currently focused on shedding light on the stories that need to be told in Egypt, but our vision is to expand our reach to other countries in the region and beyond. We have a plan in place to grow our team and our coverage, to bring our unique brand of investigative journalism to more communities and to amplify the voices of those who need to be heard.

 Beyond Breaking News In-Depth Investigations and Analysis

Unlike traditional news outlets, we’re not interested in chasing fleeting headlines. Instead, our team of experienced journalists, led by Editor-in-Chief Ahmed Gamal Ziada, will delve into the complexities of Egypt’s political, economic, and social landscape, shedding light on the stories that need to be told.

Empowering Journalists, Informing the Public

Our team of Egyptian journalists, both women and men, share a passion for investigative journalism and a commitment to transparency. We strive to create a platform where journalists can work freely, without fear of censorship or retribution, and where the public can access information that matters.

Our Brave Journalists

Our team of courageous journalists, working tirelessly from within Egypt, are the backbone of Zawia3. They risk everything to uncover the truth, facing countless challenges and obstacles along the way. From censorship and intimidation to physical danger and legal repercussions, our journalists brave it all to bring you the stories that need to be told. Despite the hurdles, they remain steadfast in their pursuit of truth, driven by a fierce commitment to transparency and accountability.

Independent and Unbiased

We are not swayed by external influences, political or otherwise. Our work is driven by a fierce commitment to the principles of democracy, human rights, and the people’s right to access information. We believe that a free press is the cornerstone of a healthy society, and we are dedicated to upholding this sacred trust. Our independence is our strength, and our unbiased reporting is our shield against the forces of oppression.

Support Our Mission

We combine in-depth reporting with innovative storytelling and data analysis to provide a fresh perspective on the region’s most pressing issues. Support our work and help us shed light on the stories that need to be told. If you have a story that needs to be heard, collaborate with us and let’s work together to make a difference. Your support enables us to continue our mission to empower citizens through investigative journalism and transparency.

A Message from Our Editor-in-Chief

“Perhaps we are afraid, perhaps our lives are in danger, but we will not stop speaking and publishing the truth.” – Ahmed Gamal Ziada, Editor-in-Chief.

  Zawia3 is registered as a non-profit organization in Belgium, and our journalists work from within Egypt.