Visual Identity Project Burdens Citizens with New Economic Pressures

The visual identity project in Egypt burdens citizens with new economic pressures through improvement fees and legal disputes over unpaid charges.
HCWW workers in Egypt are protesting against wage exploitation and demanding fair wages and allowances amidst rising inflation and economic hardship
The tobacco giant and its longtime business associate quietly gained a major foothold in Egypt, as the country sold off its stake in its state tobacco monolith.
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How economic conditions, such as poverty and unemployment, contribute to rising crime rates in Egypt.
Criticism of the Egyptian state has increased due to its handling of antiquities, either through improper and primitive restoration methods or through demolition operations initiated by the Egyptian government under what it called national projects
Environmental crisis in New Bani Sweif, Egypt: industrial pollution and public health risks demand immediate action.
Christians in Saudi Arabia face challenges in practicing their religious rituals, raising questions about the future of religious freedom in the Kingdom.
Nine Egyptian survivors of the Adriana shipwreck face trial in Greece on human smuggling charges amidst allegations of Greek Coast Guard negligence and pushback policies.